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The particular objectives envisaged for the "Sol-Gel Materials and Nanotechnology" Center of Excellence cover:
  • networking - organizing and coordination of the network of scientific, industrial and governmental institutions aimed at enhancing of cooperation between them and yielding joint projects leading to: obtaining grants, publishing scientific papers, formulating patents and organizing spin-offs; contacts with other Centers specializing in related topics will be established and twinning proposals will be formulated

  • organization of international and local conferences and workshops - stimulating exchange of scientific and technological ideas, bringing together people from different areas and countries

  • organizing short-term visits for senior and junior scientists - helping in establishing contacts aimed at formulating new research projects capable of obtaining funds from local sources and the European Commission (e.g. the framework programs)

  • publishing a scientific journal - the Center is already involved in preparing, editing, printing and providing via the internet of "Materials Science". The journal - which covers various aspects of new, advanced materials - is a perfect medium for achieving increase in the scope and impact of the envisaged network.
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