4th International Conference on Sol-Gel Materials, Kliczkow Castle, Poland 18-22.06.2006

Kliczkow Castle

Kliczkow Castle
How to get there?
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The conference will take place at Kliczkow Castle, Poland on June 18-22 2006.

More information about Kliczkow Castle can be found here.

How to get there?

Information about getting to The Kliczkow Castle with maps can be found here.


Organizers provide the bus from Wroclaw to Kliczkow Castle on the first day of the conference - 18.06.2006 and from Kliczkow Castle to Wroclaw on the last day of the conference - 22.06.2006.

The bus will set off on 18.06.2006 from Wroclaw University of Technology at 3 pm and from main railway station "Wroclaw Glowny" at 3.30 pm.
At the Wroclaw University of Technology, the bus will be waiting in front of the main bulding (A1) - Wybrzeze Wyspanskiego 27 and at the railway station, the bus will be waiting on the right side of the main (front) entrance, near petrol station.

On 22.06.2006 the bus will set off from Kliczkow Castle about 3 pm and arrive at Wroclaw about 5 pm.

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