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 25.02.2018, 18:22

Biblioteka G堯wna
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:22
Biblioteka Glowna Politechniki Wroclawskiej: Nowosci
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:22
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:22
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Studia we Wroc豉wiu
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Studiowanie we Wrocawiu
Technology, Engineering, and Computer Science
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
EurekAlert! - Technology, Engineering and Computer Science
(Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The US Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the University of Illinois a $10.6 million, five-year grant to transform two of the most productive crops in America into sustainable sources of biodiesel and biojet fuel through a new research project new research project Renewable Oil Generated with Ultra-productive Energycane (ROGUE).
DOE grants $10.6 million to produce more biodiesel, biojet fuel
(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) Many hospital patients get medicine or nutrition delivered straight into their bloodstream through a tiny device called a PICC. In just a decade, it's become the go-to device for intravenous care.But a new study finds that one in every four times a PICC gets inserted, the patient didn't need it long enough to justify the risks it can pose. And nearly one in ten of those patients suffered a complication linked to the device.
Short-term use of IV devices is common -- and risky -- study shows
(Syracuse University) A Syracuse University researcher explores the impact of de-icing salt from roads and highways on a local watershed. She says their findings make her 'cautiously optimistic' about the watershed's future surface-water chloride concentrations.
Scientists examine link between surface-water salinity, climate change
(New York Genome Center) As described in a study published today in Nature Communications, researchers at the New York Genome Center (NYGC) and New York University (NYU) have taken steps to facilitate broad access to single-cell sequencing by developing a 3-D-printed, portable and low-cost microfluidic controller. To demonstrate the utility of the instrument in clinical environments, the researchers deployed the device to study synovial tissue from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS).
New device for low-cost single-cell analysis identifies fibroblast subtypes in RA patients
(GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre) The nights in the German federal states (Bundesl瓣nder") have been getting brighter and brighter in the last four years -- but not everywhere at the same rate and with one exemption: Thuringia. This is the result of a study by scientists Chris Kyba and Theres K羹ster from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences together with Helga Kuechly from 'Luftbild - Umwelt - Planung, Potsdam'. They published the study in the International Journal of Sustainable Lighting.
German nights get brighter -- but not everywhere
(Portland State University) PSU business school professor's research shows that companies that hire a more diverse set of employees are rewarded with a richer pipeline of innovative products and a stronger financial position.
PSU study: Pro-diversity policies make companies more innovative and profitable
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) New study from MIT and CNRS shows a way to dial down the urban heat island effects that can pump up city temperatures, through different city planning based on classical physics formulas.
How cities heat up
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
EurekAlert! - Education
(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology and President of the Child Mind Institute has spoken out on the Parkland shooting and the urgent need to make mental health a priority for research and action.
Noted child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz, MD, speaks out on the Parkland shooting
(University of California - Los Angeles) A study by ISGlobal, a center supported by the 'la Caixa' Banking Foundation, in collaboration with Hospital del Mar and UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health, shows for the first time that exposure to green space during childhood is associated with beneficial structural changes in the developing brain.
Being raised in greener neighborhoods may have beneficial effects on brain development
(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) The world of health care is changing rapidly and there is increased interest in the role that light and lighting can play in improving health outcomes for patients and providing healthy work environments for staff, according to many researchers. Recently, the Center for Lighting Enabled Systems &Applications (LESA) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, together with the Illumination Engineering Society (IES), sponsored a workshop to explore pathways to define and promote the adoption of lighting systems specifically for health-care environments.
Transforming patient health care and well-being through lighting
(Elsevier) Preschool is a critical period for children to begin to make their own dietary decisions to develop life-long healthy eating habits. A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that preschoolers who learned how to classify food as healthy or unhealthy were more likely to say they would choose healthy food as a snack.
Descriptive phrases for how often food should be eaten helps preschoolers better understand healthy eating
(National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine) High-quality early care and education (ECE) is critical to positive child development and has the potential to generate economic returns, but the current financing structure of ECE leaves many children without access to high-quality services and does little to strengthen the ECE workforce, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
Financial structure of early childhood edu. Requires overhaul to make it accessible and affordable
(Boston College) A study of more than 60,000 children enrolled in Norway's universal early education system has found the program improves language skills and narrows achievement gaps, according to a team of researchers from the US and Norway, led by Boston College Professor of Education Eric Dearing.
Study finds language, achievement benefits of universal early childhood education
(Aarhus University) A new report suggests that while UK universities are likely to suffer because of Brexit, German universities may reap the benefits.
German universities likely to benefit from Brexit, report suggests
Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Sciences
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
EurekAlert! - Chemistry, Physics and Materials Sciences
(Shinshu University) Researchers have developed a new way to improve lithium ion battery efficiency. Through the growth of a cubic crystal layer, the scientists have created a thin and dense connecting layer between the electrodes of the battery. "We believe that our approach having robustness against side reactions at the interface could possibly lead to the production of ideal ceramic separators with a thin and dense interface."
Charging ahead to higher energy batteries
(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A dramatic magnetic power struggle at the Sun's surface lies at the heart of solar eruptions, new research using NASA data shows.
NASA's SDO reveals how magnetic cage on the Sun stopped solar eruption
(University of Houston) Aromaticity and hydrogen bonding are both well-established chemical concepts, but for the past 200 years, they have been considered as largely separate ideas. Judy Wu, a computational quantum chemist at the University of Houston, earned a National Science Foundation CAREER award for her proposal suggesting that connecting the two could change the way chemists view hydrogen bonds and potentially guide experimental efforts in the design of advanced materials
UH chemist Judy Wu receives NSF CAREER Award for hydrogen bond research
(University of Houston) A team of researchers in the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is analyzing a few small fragments of the Tissint meteorite with the help of a $349,520, three-year grant from the NASA Solar System Workings program.
As good as old: The age of martian meteorites gives clues to the makeup of Mars
(American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) New research published in the Feb. 23 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry identifies an enzyme that turns off transglutaminase 2, potentially paving the way for new treatments for celiac disease.
Looking for an off switch for celiac disease
(Funda癟瓊o de Amparo Pesquisa do Estado de S瓊o Paulo) Brazilian scientists compare primitive Earth scenario with satellite Europa's conditions; the jupiterian moon could host microorganisms at the bottom of a huge warm ocean located underneath its frozen crust.
Model based on hydrothermal sources evaluate possibility of life Jupiter's icy moon
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit瓣t M羹nchen) Munich based Laser physicists have developed an extremely powerful broadband infrared light source. This light source opens up a whole new range of opportunities in medicine, life science, and material analysis.
Attosecond physics: A keen sense for molecules
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Lista planowanych wycze w dystrybucji energii elektrycznej na poniedziaek 26 lutego.
Wrocaw bez prdu. Sprawd驕, przy kt籀rych ulicach
9 i 10 marca w Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych CeTA w ramach dwudniowej konferencji odbd si prelekcje i warsztaty, nie tylko dla kobiet. Wstp na wydarzenie jest wolny.
Konferencja Talk &Tech o nowych technologiach z kobiecej perspektywy
Karta patnicza zostawiona przez nieuwag w terminalu posu髒ya kobiecie do robienia zakup籀w przez internet. Nieuczciwa wabrzyszanka usyszaa zarzut.
Ekspedientka robia zakupy kart jednego z klient籀w sklepu
Krzysztof Makiski oraz Czeszka Klara Morawcowa w kategorii kobiet wygrali narciarski Memoria Stanisawa Michonia rozgrywany na Polanie Jakuszyckiej.
Festiwal Narciarstwa Biegowego: Morawcowa i Makiski wygrali Memoria Stanisawa Michonia
Historia jak z "Gangu Olsena". 31-latka krada paliwo, jadc od stacji do stacji, ale ostatnim razem miaa pecha. Wpada, bo uciekajc z miejsca kolejnej kradzie髒y, zapomniaa wczy wiata mijania.
Krada paliwo ze stacji, cho nie miaa nawet prawa jazdy
lsk Wrocaw szczliwie zremisowa z G籀rnikiem Zabrze 1:1. Po meczu trener wrocawian Tadeusz Pawowski komplementowa swojego bramkarza Jakuba Sowika.
Tadeusz Pawowski po meczu lska z G籀rnikiem: Czapki z g籀w przed Sowikiem, wybroni nam remis
W sobot podczas eliminacji regionalnych konkursu kreatywnoci modsi i starsi prezentowali swoje umiejtnoci tw籀rczego mylenia, szukania niesztampowych rozwiza i korzystania z wiedzy w praktyce. Kolejny etap odbdzie si pod koniec marca w Gdyni.
39 dru髒yn pojedzie na "Odysej Umysu" do Gdyni. W tym sze z Wrocawia i 12 z Opola
Po sabej grze pikarze lska zremisowali 1:1 z G籀rnikiem Zabrze. Rywale byli o klas lepsi, ale razili nieskutecznoci - nie wykorzystali nawet rzutu karnego.
Saby lsk bardzo szczliwie zremisowa z G籀rnikiem Zabrze [ZDJCIA]
- Jestemy jedynym ogrodem w Polsce z tak bogatymi kolekcjami narodowymi. Aby zobaczy nasze 60-letnie kaktusy i inne sukulenty, przyje髒d髒aj gocie nawet ze Szwecji. Przetrway dziesitki lat, ale jeli nie wyremontujemy szklarni, mog zgin w jedn noc z powodu mrozu - m籀wi Zygmunt Kcki,dyrektor Ogrodu Botanicznego Uniwersytetu Wrocawskiego.
Ogrodowe opowieci: romans, kolekcje narodowe i niemiertelna lipa
Z galerii handlowej przy rondzie Reagana trzeba byo ewakuowa 1,5 tys. os籀b.
Ewakuacja w Pasa髒u Grunwaldzkim. Po髒ar na parkingu
Jego wagony byy puste. Nie ma te髒 poszkodowanych. Pasa髒erowie pocig籀w relacji Wrocaw - Ostr籀w Wielkopolski, jad zmienion tras, okoo 25 minut du髒ej.
W Olenicy wykolei si pocig towarowy
Owczarek podhalaski ma trafi do schroniska na czas trwania postpowania. Wacicielom gospody Bombaj w Jakuszycach odebrano go po interwencji DIOZ. By mocno zaniedbany i bez dostpu do wody.
Wacicielka psa Barona 髒da umieszczenia go w schronisku
Miasto zaplanowao budow parkingu z myl o odwiedzajcych park wrocawianach. Wedug autor籀w petycji, i tak bdzie on jednak cigle zajty, bo post籀j urzdz tam sobie g籀wnie mieszkacy osiedla.
Nie chc parkingu przy parku Grabiszyskim. Napisali petycj
Za kr籀tkometra髒owy film animowany "Na zdrowie" w konkursie Generation 14plus moda re髒yserka otrzymaa wyr籀髒nienie. Jej poprzednia animacja, "O, Matko!", zapewnia z kolei nominacj do tegorocznej nagrody WARTO.
Wrocawianka Paulina Zi籀kowska z wyr籀髒nieniem na Berlinale 2018
Wyremontowane maj zosta podpory mostu gen. Wadysawa Sikorskiego midzy ul. Podwale a ul. Mostow.
Most Sikorskiego do remontu, ale najpierw trzeba znale驕 pienidze
Najnowsze wirusy
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Najaktywniejsze wirusy
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Nauka w Polsce (PAP)
Google News: Hydrogen
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
hydrogen - Google News
KEMIRA: Kemira Group Interim Report, January-June 2007Kauppalehti (press release), Finland -20 minutes agoOperating profit was also lowered by the Korean hydrogenperoxide business, divested in 2006. Operating profit for the period grew by 15%, ...
KEMIRA: Kemira Group Interim Report, January-June 2007 - Kauppalehti (press release)
Wildcatter sees potential of basement, KS -24 minutes agoIt contained hydrocarbon gases, including methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. "Now, how did those gases get there, that deep into the bedrock? ...
Wildcatter sees potential of basement rock -
New HydrogenPlant To Be BuiltH2 Daily, NV -1 hour agoUsing pre-distilled ethanol and Glycerol (a bio-diesel waste product) to produce hydrogen. The hydrogenwill then be used as replacement energy, ...
New Hydrogen Plant To Be Built - H2 Daily
Chemical ban to boost Vic's war on drugsThe West Australian, Australia -1 hour agoFrom next Wednesday, police will have the power to charge suspected drug makers with possessing precursor chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogenchloride, ...
Chemical ban to boost Vic's war on drugs - The West Australian
Hydrogen-Powered Honda Vehicle Qualifies for Tax CreditSmartPros Accounting -1 hour agoPurchasers of the 2005 and 2006 Honda FCX, which is only capable of operating on hydrogen, may rely on their certification concerning the vehicle's ...
Hydrogen-Powered Honda Vehicle Qualifies for Tax Credit - SmartPros Accounting
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
MathWorks  - MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing
Researchers at Aarhus University have developed a non-structural, model-free methodology for estimating RND. The methodology uses orthogonal polynomial expansions to estimate RND and options Greeks from current rather than historical data.
Estimating Risk-Neutral Density from Option Prices with a MATLAB App
This article presents the TV SD approved workflow for using Simulink for ISO 26262. Topics covered include requirements development, design modeling, code generation, and tool qualification.
How to Use Simulink for ISO 26262 Projects
INAOE mathematicians have developed a system for improving the accuracy of long-term forecasts of chaotic time series that uses a self-organizing map (SOM) to select and combine predictive models.
Predicting the Long-Term Behavior of Chaotic Systems
Seeking a fast and elegant way to calculate how much water flows through a given landscape during and after precipitation, Dr. Schwangart developed a toolbox in MATLAB that solves the problem as a system of linear equations.
Developing a MATLAB Toolbox for Digital Elevation Model Analysis
Download this Simulink model and use it to study the behavior of the PHY and MAC. You can also use it as a framework for building multimode wireless communication networks.
Building a Packet Data Radio Network in Simulink
Most Recent Files
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
PAP Nauka
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Yahoo News: hydrogen
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Nauka w Polsce: Ciekawostki
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Portal Innowacji
Przegld prasy z dnia 25 lipca 2007r.
Pierwsze p籀rocze tego roku charakteryzowao si znaczcym wzrostem zainteresowania szkoleniami organizowanymi przez Centrum Innowacji, Transferu Technologii i Rozwoju Uniwersytetu (CITTRU). Ta jednostka Uniwersytetu Jagielloskiego stworzya atrakcyjn ofert edukacyjn przeznaczonych dla zr籀髒nicowanych adresat籀w: przedsibiorstw oraz rodowiska naukowego.
Edukacja czca nauke i biznes
Ekspertyza "Przegld bada dotyczcych innowacyjnoci przedsibiorstw" zostaa napisana w ramach projektu badawczego Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Pprzedsibiorczoci pn.: "Potencja innowacyjny polskich MSP" zrealizowanego w listopadzie 2006 roku.
Ekspertyza "Przegld bada dotyczcych innowacyjnoci przedsibiorstw"
Prezentowana "Analiza stanu sektora kosmicznego" zostaa opracowana przez EMAR Marketing Research na zlecenie Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Przedsibiorczoci z okazji Dni Technik Satelitarnych, ktore odbyly sie w dniach 20-21 czerwca 2007 w Warszawie.
"Analiza stanu sektora kosmicznego"
Przegld prasy z dnia 24 lipca 2007r.
Masz wietny pomys na biznes, ale boisz si wysokich koszt籀w zao髒enia interesu, opracowania patentu czy bezwzgldnej konkurencji na rynku? A mo髒e zakoczye konstruowa sw籀j wynalazek i nie wiesz co zrobi ze swoim odkryciem?
Przedsibiorco, wynalazco - nie jeste sam!
Dni Nauki i Technologii POLSKA-WSCHD odbd sie w terminie 17-19 pa驕dziernika 2007r. w Biaymstoku i Biaowie髒y
Dni Nauki i Technologii
W dniach 23-25 pa驕dziernika 2007 r. odbd si w Gdasku Targi Techniki Przemysowej, Nauki i Innowacji TECHNICON-INNOWACJE 2007
W dniach 23-25 pa驕dziernika 2007 r. odbd si w Gdasku Targi Techniki Przemysowej, Nauki i Innowacji TECHNICON-INNOWACJE 2007
W dniach 23-25 pa驕dziernika 2007 r. odbd si w Gdasku Targi Techniki Przemysowej, Nauki i Innowacji TECHNICON-INNOWACJE 2007
EUROPA - Research: What's new?
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:19
Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wy窺zego
nie, 25 lut 2018 18:20



Sol-Gel Laboratory
Sol-Gel Laboratory


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