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 2017-10-20, 12:31

Biblioteka G堯wna
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:31
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:31
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:31
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
Studia we Wroc豉wiu
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
Technology, Engineering, and Computer Science
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
EurekAlert! - Technology, Engineering and Computer Science
(University of Freiburg) A new EU project will promote the environmentally friendly production of complex molecules for medicine and industry.
Building new moss factories
(Nanyang Technological University) Ushering in winds of change in clean energy, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has deployed the nation's first long-span wind turbine at Semakau Landfill, which is one of several to be installed in Singapore's drive towards sustainable energy solutions.
NTU deploys Singapore's first long-span wind turbine
(Chalmers University of Technology) Researchers have discovered a new way to produce high energy photon beams. The new method makes it possible to produce these gamma rays in a highly efficient way, compared with today's technique. The obtained energy is a billion times higher than the energy of photons in visible light. These high intensity gamma rays significantly exceed all known limits, and pave the way towards new fundamental studies.
Gamma rays will reach beyond the limits of light
(Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin f羹r Materialien und Energie) A specific uranium compound has puzzled researchers for thirty years. Although the crystal structure is simple, no one understands exactly what is happening once it is cooled below a certain temperature. Apparently, a 'hidden order' emerges, whose nature is completely unknown.Now physicists have characterised this hidden order state more precisely and studied it on a microscopic scale. To accomplish this, they utilised the High-Field Magnet at the HZB that permits neutron experiments to be conducted under conditions of extremely high magnetic fields.
High field magnet at BER II: Insight into a hidden order
(National University of Singapore) A research team from the National University of Singapore has recently invented a novel 'converter' that can harness the speed and small size of plasmons for high frequency data processing and transmission in nanoelectronics.
Novel 'converter' heralds breakthrough in ultra-fast data processing at nanoscale
(Bentham Science Publishers) The experimental validation of an efficient iterative technique for compensating known position errors in a spherical near to far-field transformation (NTFFT) for elongated antennas using a minimum number of near-field (NF) measurements has been provided. This transformation exploits a non-redundant sampling representation of the voltage detected by the probe obtained by modeling a long antenna with a prolate ellipsoid.
Correction of known position errors in a spherical
(Colorado State University) A Nature Communications study, led by Germany's University of Tuebingen and published Oct. 20, demonstrated how composting of biochar creates a very thin organic coating that significantly improves the biochar's fertilizing capabilities.
Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
EurekAlert! - Education
(Rice University) Ostherr among national experts presenting at US Department of Health and Human Services Oct. 26 'Data Privacy in the Digital Age' event.
Expert: Be concerned about how apps collect, share health data
(University of Massachusetts Lowell) The saying 'Listen to your gut' is taking on new meaning in the hunt for clues about Parkinson's disease. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded a UMass Lowell public health professor a $2.1 million grant to study the relationship between gut bacteria and Parkinson's disease. The five-year study will be the largest of its kind to date.
Gut bacteria may hold clues to Parkinson's disease
(University of Missouri-Columbia) In a new guidebook, faculty members from the University of Missouri offer research-backed, practical strategies to help students and parents identify and fix problems. The guide, in its third edition, helps to bridge the gap between research and practice, with support and advice for educators, parents, counselors and social workers working with children.
New interventions could help improve student academics and behavior
(Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center) A case control study of armed forces veterans with mild traumatic brain injury or persistent post-concussion syndrome, with or without PTSD, has found significant improvements in persistent post-concussion syndrome and PTSD symptoms, memory, intelligence quotient, attention, cognition, depression, quality of life, and brain blood flow, as well as a significant reduction in suicidal ideation and anxiety following hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Veterans study reports reduction in suicide ideation after HBOT
(Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences) Snakes and spiders evoke fear and disgust in many people, even in developed countries where hardly anybody comes into contact with them. Until now, there has been debate about whether this aversion is innate or learnt. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig have recently discovered that it is hereditary: Even babies feel stressed when seeing these creatures - long before they could have learnt this reaction.
Itsy bitsy spider: Fear of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us
(Stellenbosch University) Daily, people spend over three hours on their phones. While ever-smarter digital devices have made many aspects of our lives more efficient, a growing body of evidence suggests that, by continuously distracting us, they are harming our ability to concentrate. Studies across the world show that students constantly use their phones when they are in class. A strong body of evidence suggests that media use during lectures is associated with lower academic performance.
Phones keeping students from concentrating during lectures
(American Society of Human Genetics) Adolescents display a complex and nuanced understanding of the issues around pediatric genetic testing for conditions that do not appear until adulthood, according to findings presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. Researchers qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed essays submitted to ASHG's 2016 DNA Day Essay Contest.
Teens' views vary on pediatric genetic testing for adult-onset conditions
Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Sciences
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
EurekAlert! - Chemistry, Physics and Materials Sciences
(American Institute of Physics) The American Institute of Physics announced today the winners of its 2017 Science Communication Awards for Books, Articles, Writing for Children, and Broadcast and New Media: Timothy Jorgensen for Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation; Natalie Wolchover for 'What No New Particles Means for Physics'; Antonia Banyard and Paula Ayer for Water Wow: An Infographic Exploration; and Noah Baker, Lorna Stewart, and Dog and Rabbit Animation Company for 'Laureates in their own words-Physics.'
2017 AIP Science Writing Award Winners announced
(Bentham Science Publishers) New oral anticoagulants (NOACs) represent direct-acting drugs functioning selectively for one specific clotting factor. Their clinical indications are the prophylaxis and treatment of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, the prevention of atherothrombotic episodes of individuals with acute coronary syndromes and atrial fibrillation
Apixaban -- metabolism, pharmacologic properties and drug interactions
(Cambridge University Press) MRS Bulletin has named Andy Tay Kah Ping, Stanford University, as the inaugural recipient of the MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize. This award recognizes postdoctoral researchers for their intellectual merit, the impact of their research and scholarship, and their interest in science writing and communication.
Andy Tay Kah Ping honored with inaugural MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize
(Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University) A prototype of a nanostructured ultra-thin pressure sensor (tensiometer) has been created at the Laboratory of Self-Organized High-Temperature Nanostructures at the Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).The scientists used a completely new technology based on vacuum coating, which will cut production costs drastically.
Researchers significantly reduced the price of the sensors' production
(Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz) Little is known about the structures of our genetic material, chromosomes, which consist of long strings that -- according to our experience -- should be likely to become knotted. However, up to now it has not been possible to study this experimentally. Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have now found that chromosomes may indeed be knotted.
Chromosomes may be knotted
(Dartmouth College) A smart watch that takes the user to another dimension and a smart ring that provides powerful feedback are among the top technology Dartmouth College will bring to the 30th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST 2017).
Dartmouth to debut wearables that warn and wow at UIST 2017
(The City University of New York) The Graduate Center (GC) of the City University of New York (CUNY) has entered into a joint endeavor with Princeton University to explore the interface between biology and physics through the establishment of the Center for the Physics of Biological Function.
The Graduate Center and Princeton University explore the interface between physics and biology
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
pi, 20 pa 2017 12:25
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