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 23.02.2018, 03:55
11th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics Colloquium in Dresden   Drukuj 
Napisał(a) Administrator  
08.04.2008, 08:16

The aim of the “Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics- Colloquium” is to bring together colleagues to exchange recent scientific results, to provide a forum for young researchers for first presentations and last not least to improve the personal understanding of all colleagues working in the wide field of mechanics of solids and fluids.

For the third time in the five year history you are invited to come to the colloquium in Dresden. As a premiere it is hosted by a chair of the “Faculty Transportation and Traffic Sciences”. Hence, the title of the colloquium is


but colleagues of the faculties Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering will give contributions, as well.

Regular guests of the colloquium will notice a change in the usual schedule: The famous Railway Operations Lab of the faculty that I would like to show all visitors can only be opened for us in the morning. Therefore the Lab tour must take place between two lecture sessions.


9:00 Come together

10:00 Welcome addresses
10:05 Beitelschmidt Teaching and Research at the Faculty Transportation and Traffic Sciences and the Chair of Vehicle Modelling and Simulation
10:15 Beitelschmidt/Quarz Acoustical Optimization of Railway Wheelsets
10:40 Marburg/Anderssohn/Hardtke Identification of Admittance Boundary Conditions
11:00 Railway Operations Lab + Coffee Break Visit of the lab in groups, in parallel coffee/tea/juice/snacks/soup
12.00 Kaliske Numerical Simulation and Prediction for Tire Design
12.25 Beitelschmidt/Koutsovasilis New Reduction Techniques for Elastic Bodies
12.50 Carstensen Ice Conditions and Ice Forces on Waterways
13:20 Lunch
14:00 Laboratory Visit Vehicle Simulation/Localisation of Noise Sources
15:00 Afternoon Coffee


The colloquium will take place in the „Potthoff“ building, entrance Hettnerstraße 1.

This link will show the entrance in the centre of the map on your screen:,13.727516

By car: Leave the A17 (Dresden–Prague) at exit Dresden- Südvorstadt, following signs to Dresden city. After about 3 km you reach Fritz-Förster-Platz. See further details on the map. Parking in front of the building is possible.




Sol-Gel Laboratory
Sol-Gel Laboratory


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