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 2017-10-22, 15:35
10 th Bohemian - Saxon - Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium   Print 
Written by Administrator  
2007-10-04, 12:12

The 10th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics Colloquium is organized on 20th October 2007 by the Institute of Building Engineering at the University of Zielona Góra.

The aim of these scientific meetings is to bring together colleagues from the neighbouring regions of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, and to exchange ideas in the field of solid and fluid mechanics.

It is our great pleasure to sincerely invite you to the 10th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics Colloquium which consists of eight lectures on subjects of our research and of the presentation of our Institute in its new building.

On behalf of the Institute

Krzysztof Wilmanski

Professors at the Institute:

  • Tadeusz Biliński
  • Józef Gil
  • Czesław Machelski
  • Jakub Marcinowski
  • Jacek Przybylski
  • Janusz Szelka
  • Józef Wranik
  • Krzysztof Wilmański
  • Mieczysław Kuczma
  • Antoni Matysiak
  • Romuald Świtka
  • Adam Wysokowski

Programme of the Mechanics Colloquium

Friday, 19st October 2007,
19:00 – 21:00 Get-together (1 Szafrana street, bldg. A-8, campus A of UZ)

Saturday, 20th October 2007

9.30 Registration and breakfast

10:00 Opening session

  • Deputy Rector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation of the UZ Prof. Józef Korbicz
  • Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Mieczysław Kuczma
  • Director of the Institute of Building Engineering Prof. Jakub Marcinowski 

Session I

10:20 K. Urbańska, M. Kuczma Modelling of masonry accounting for damage
10:40 B. Kuczma, M. Kuczma Connectors in composite beams
11:00 G. Burczyński, J. Marcinowski Numerical modelling of steel pylon supporting a suspended roof
11:20 Coffee break

Session II

11:40 M. Dudek Magnetic materials with negative Poisson’s ratio
12:00 A. Rahman Ali Influence of freezing on changes of porosity in brittle porous materials
12:20 M. Kuczma, K. Kula, R Schlebusch (TU-Dresden), B. W. Zastrau (TU-Dresden) Composite structures with delamination
12:40 Lunch

Session III

13:30 W. Szajna Numerical simulation of soil-steel culverts interaction considering construction stages

13:50 K. Wilmanski On waves in weakly nonlinear poroelastic materials modeling impacts of meteorites
14:10 Coffee break

14:40 Sightseeing of the Institute Laboratory

16:00 Closure


The get-together and lectures will be held in the bldg. A-8 at 1 Szafrana street, (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering), University of Zielona Gora, Campus A.

The get-together at the News Cafe in 1st floor, and the lectures in the lecture theatre 213 of bldg. A-8.

There is no conference fee.

Costs for lunch and coffee are carried by the organizers.


The participants are requested to register by e-mail or fax before 15th October 2007.

Contact Mechanics Colloquium Institute of Building Engineering prof. Z. Szafrana 1 Str. 65-516 Zielona Góra tel. : +48 68 328 24 16, +48 68 328 22 71 fax. : +48 68 328 4777 E-mail :

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ŚRÓDMIEJSKI **, Zielona Góra, ul. Żeromskiego 23 tel. (+48 68) 325 44 71
POD LWEM, Zielona Góra, ul. Dworcowa 14 tel. (+48 68) 324 10 55
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