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 2018-01-20, 17:48
6th Bohemian - Saxon - Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium   Print 
Written by Administrator  
2005-09-26, 09:39
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Dear Colleagues!

The 6th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium is organized by the Institute of Structural Engineering at the University of Zielona G鏎a on 22nd October 2005.

The aim of these scientific meetings isto bring together colleagues from the neighbouring regions of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, and to exchange ideas in the field of solid and fluid mechanics.

It is our great pleasure to sincerely invite you to the 6th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium and to present our Institute.

On behalf of the Institute
Mieczyslaw Kuczma, Director


Professors at the Institute:

  • Tadeusz Biliski
  • J霩ef Gil
  • Jakub Marcinowski
  • Antoni Matysiak
  • Janusz Szelka
  • Romuald Witka
  • J霩ef Wranik
  • Adam Wysokowski
  • Mieczyslaw Kuczma
  • Jacek Przybylski
  • Krzysztof Wilmaski 

Zielona G鏎a, 22nd October 2005

Pictures from this event.





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