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 2018-01-23, 07:18
Quality policy declaration   Print 
Written by Administrator  
2005-03-15, 10:01

The Management of the Institute of Materials Science and Technical Mechanics of the Wroc豉w University of Technology has adopted the operation policy which shall consist in maintaining the high quality level in all the aspects of work of the Construction Materials Test Laboratory (LB), in compliance with the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001 standard.

The basic objective of the LB operation is understanding of the present and future needs of clients, their complete satisfaction, as well as reliable, credible, and competent completion of commissioned tasks with the observance of confidentiality, without yielding to any kind of pressure, be it of financial or of other nature.

The realisation of this objective is based on identified and constantly improved activities, effectively used resources, and appropriate division of authorisations and responsibility of the personnel.

The realisation of the quality policy is and shall be based on the systematic training and raising qualifications of the LB personnel.

The Management of the Institute of Materials Science and Technical Mechanics of the Wroc豉w University of Technology obliges the whole personnel to apply the principles of a good professional practice and maintain the high quality in the internal works and the services rendered to the clients, among others through correct interpretation of test results based on the application of statistical methods and estimation of uncertainty of measurements.

As the person responsible for the Quality Policy, I declare accessibility of indispensable resources and assure that the quality policy is known, understood, and applied by the whole of the LB personnel.

Institute Director




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