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 2018-01-19, 18:06
Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Measurements   Print 
Written by Administrator  
2004-05-29, 20:18

We offer X-Ray diffraction research in the following areas:

  • retained austenite contents measurement
  • residual stress measurement
  • stress depth distribution, depth profile (0 250 µm)
  • stress tensor calculations
  • determination of micro stresses (second kind) and crystallite size
  • phase analysis
  • analysis of crystallite size in plastic

The Institute owns a portable diffractometer XStress3000 (made by Stresstech Oy, Finland) with the following properties:

  • two-theta range 2-Teta = 125 162
  • X-Ray tube - Cr
  • spot size: 0.8 5 mm
  • can operate in any position (ie. vertical, upside down)

testing possibility:

  • min. 155 mm inside diameters of tubes and rings within approx.80mm from the end of the tube opening (circumferential direction only)
  • gear roots in the load direction

In addition, X-Ray Laboratory owns:

  • URD-6 diffractometer (VEB Carl Zeiss JENA, GDR)
  • angle range 2-Teta = 3 155
  • accuracy ±0.005
  • X-Ray tubes: Mo, Cu, Co, Fe, Cr

Other Institute research and activities:

  • microscope analysis
  • x-ray microanalysis
  • hardness tests
  • an access to the crystallography database ICDD (over 70.000 compounds) structural studies
  • biomechanics
  • dynamics of mechanical systems
  • strength hypotheses
  • elasticity and plasticity theories
  • materials technology
  • rheology




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