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 2017-11-18, 18:20

Biblioteka G堯wna
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:09
Biblioteka Glowna Politechniki Wroclawskiej: Nowosci
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:09
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:09
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:20
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:20
Studia we Wroc豉wiu
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:20
Studiowanie we Wrocawiu
Technology, Engineering, and Computer Science
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:20
EurekAlert! - Technology, Engineering and Computer Science
(University of Texas at San Antonio) Vikram Kapoor, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Drew Johnson, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio, have been awarded a $692,452 funding agreement through the City of San Antonio's Proposition 1 Edwards Aquifer Protection Program to design and implement a way to track fecal bacteria in the Edwards Aquifer so that major contamination can be stopped before it starts.
UTSA researchers receive grant to help prevent contaminations in Edwards Aquifer
(Princeton University, Engineering School) A discovery by an international team of researchers from Princeton University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Humboldt University in Berlin points the way to more widespread use of an advanced technology generally known as organic electronics.
Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens
(Marine Biological Laboratory) Using a simple 'mirror trick' and not-so-simple computational analysis, scientists affiliated with the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) have considerably improved the speed, efficiency, and resolution of a light-sheet microscope, with broad applications for enhanced imaging of live cells and embryos.
Not an illusion: Clever use of mirrors boosts performance of light-sheet microscope
(DOE/Argonne National Laboratory) Argonne National Laboratory is collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide system software expertise and a development ecosystem for a future high-performance computing (HPC) system based on 64-bit ARM processors.
Argonne to install Comanche system to explore ARM technology for HPC
(INQNET ) The Alliance for Quantum Technologies (AQT), founded by Caltech and AT&T in May 2017 in collaboration with national laboratories and industry partners, is presenting the 'INtelligent Quantum NEtworks &Technologies' (INQNET) research program at Supercomputing 2017 in Denver (Nov. 13-16). 'The consortium will accelerate progress in quantum science and technologies by bringing together the strengths of government, academia, and industry in a basic science R&D framework,' says Shang-Yi Ch'en Professor of Physics Maria Spiropulu of Caltech.
Caltech and AT&T present quantum networks R&D program at Supercomputing17 in Denver
(University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture) Initial results of an ongoing study show that aerial imagery produced by multi-spectral sensors as well as less-expensive digital cameras may improve accuracy and efficiency of plant stand assessment in cotton.
Research shows drones could help crop management take off
(University of Houston) Researchers report new approaches could dramatically increase the amount of plastic waste that can be successfully recycled.
Scientific advances can make it easier to recycle plastics
sob, 18 lis 2017 18:20
EurekAlert! - Education
(American College of Rheumatology) The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) today expressed concerns with a provision of the House tax bill passed on Nov. 16 that would repeal the tax-exempt status for graduate student tuition waivers, and a provision included in the Senate tax bill that would repeal the individual health insurance mandate.
Rheumatology leaders urge support for graduate student exemption &continuous health coverage
(University of Texas at San Antonio) Educational psychology researchers from UTSA received a grant for a new program that integrates educational psychology and deaf education.
UTSA researchers receive $147,000 grant to train school psychologists in deaf education
(Springer) Springer Nature has launched a one-year pilot with PaperHive, a market-leading annotation system and copyright-compliant collaborative research platform. The partnership focuses on increasing reader engagement of university students with academic literature in various fields including biomedicine, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The pilot phase comprises books and textbooks from Springer and Springer Spektrum, the leading publisher for classical and digital educational media in the field of natural sciences and mathematics in the German-speaking region.
Springer Nature launches a pilot with PaperHive
(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) Childhood obesity is often attributed to a lack of exercise. So what about sports among elementary school students? A team from the Technical University of Munich pursued this question and collected the results of fitness tests for first-year students over a period of one decade. Their study shows that students did not lose their strength. Speed or balance even increased over the time of 10 years. One change was in the boys, whose endurance decreased compared to the girls of the same age.
First-graders fitter than expected
(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) While simulation platforms have been used to train surgeons before they enter an actual operating room (OR), few studies have evaluated how well trainees transfer those skills from the simulator to the OR. Now, a study led by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that used noninvasive brain imaging to evaluate brain activity has found that simulator-trained medical students successfully transferred those skills to operating on cadavers and were faster than peers who had no simulator training.
Noninvasive brain imaging shows readiness of trainees to perform operations
(McGill University) The international Cundill History Prize today announced the British historian Daniel Beer as the 2017 winner of the US$75,000 prize - the richest in non-fiction for a single work in English. The London-based historian was awarded for his ground-breaking study of Siberian penal colonies, The House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the Tsars (Allen Lane).
British historian Daniel Beer wins US$75,000 International Cundill History prize
(George Mason University) Given the critical role livestock play in Mongolia, transmission of tick-borne diseases can have very real health and economic implications for livestock and herders. George Mason University's Dr. Michael von Fricken and colleagues explored the interaction between nomadic herders, the livestock they own, and the tick-borne diseases they are exposed to.
One Health researchers identify hot spots of tick-borne diseases in Mongolia